A Design For Auditing The Tiles Criterions In Production Industries With PLC And SCADA

QoS, Inspection systems

In this project, analyzing the tiles with some parameters, such parameters are designing of tiles, cracking in the tiles. Image processing technology is one of the efficient tools to analyzing the tile’s structure.This process will be monitor by SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisitions). View More
An Electrical Art For The Development Of Auto Load Shedding, Sharing And Islanding Scheme In EMS

Power distribution and Management

This proposed method can be developed for a system to bring it to a stable operating state under any abnormal condition. The technique proposes the sequence and conditions of the applications of different load shedding schemes and islanding strategies. View More
Brainwave Applications: Controlling the industrial process

Future control applications in industries, Authentications

A brain-computer interface (BCI) is defined as a system of communication or control which is based on consciously generated brain waves (EEG signals) that control a mechanical device. The BCI system is the most direct method of communicating between the human brain and a computer or machine. View More

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