A Design For Auditing The Tiles Criterions In Production Industries With PLC And SCADA

QoS, Inspection systems

In this project, analyzing the tiles with some parameters, such parameters are designing of tiles, cracking in the tiles. Image processing technology is one of the efficient tools to analyzing the tile’s structure.This process will be monitor by SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisitions). View More
An Electrical Art For The Development Of Auto Load Shedding, Sharing And Islanding Scheme In EMS

Power distribution and Management

This proposed method can be developed for a system to bring it to a stable operating state under any abnormal condition. The technique proposes the sequence and conditions of the applications of different load shedding schemes and islanding strategies. View More
Brainwave Applications: Controlling the industrial process

Future control applications in industries, Authentications

A brain-computer interface (BCI) is defined as a system of communication or control which is based on consciously generated brain waves (EEG signals) that control a mechanical device. The BCI system is the most direct method of communicating between the human brain and a computer or machine. View More
Implementation of a Web of Things based Smart Grid to remotely monitor and control Renewable Energy Sources

Microgrid, Powerplants

This paper describes a Smart Grid architecture implemented with the help of Web of Things. Web of Things comprise of a set of Web services provided on top of a number of Internet enabled Embedded devices. The Web browser on any computer can act as an interface to the services provided by these Web of Things. View More
Advancements in Vibration Monitoring for the Mining Industry

Process control, Oil and Gas

Rotating machinery assets are a fundamental necessity in the mining industry. Furthermore, the proper maintenance and ability to monitoring these key assets is important to maximizing the operations. This project will discuss the merits and advancements in vibration monitor systems and the direct impact on SCADA and predictive maintenance models View More
Implementation of SCADA in industries using wireless technologies

Wireless communications

The basic remote terminal unit is built and programmed to perform the task of real-time parameter monitoring and checking. The advanced remote terminal unit is suitably configured to provide a user-friendly display for the benefit of the user View More
Access system in restricted areas based on programmable logic controller and GSM modems

Safety systems, coal mining industries

According to statistics, many people check their mobile phones when they leave home. Not the same thing happens with a remote control which is less used. On the other hand, one more object to take care of, may be too much for our already overloaded memory. This project provides the interaction between the GSM and industrial process. View More
An implementation of mobile control room environment in android platform for industrial applications

User friendly, Mobility of monitoring

"This project describes the whole control room environment is additionally implemented in the arduino-android platform and the same is communicated to the process through Wi-Fi" View More
Monitoring And Control The Steam Generator Through PLC And SCADA

Sugar industries, Thermal power plants

The purpose of this paper is to present a programmable logic controller (PLC) control system that is applied to the main feed water process of a pressurized water reactor, construct a structure that the alternative system is a hot backup to the operating system between PLC and the original analog instrument control system, The steam is apply to the boiler with respective level of liquid is available in it. View More
A novel SCADA system design and application for intelligent traffic control

Railway transport, Highway traffic control

For traffic Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System, modern sensing technology has been adopted into the dynamic theory for the integration of human, vehicle, and roadway needs. A novel detective device for an intelligent traffic system (ITS) is developed to efficient vehicle management in this project. View More
Monitoring and supervision solution for distributed control systems

Power management, Distributions

In this paper we propose an application written in LabVIEW through which a number of acquisition modules are controlled and these modules realize the initial data processing. Control consists in selection for each of these modules, their inputs selection and retrieves information from them. View More
OLTC and multiple SVRs in distribution system by using database

Electrical Power distribution and Management

This project presents a new method for determining the load drop compensator (LDC) parameters of On-load tap changer (OLTC) and step voltage regulators (SVRs) in the distribution system. View More
Novel IEEE802.15.4 Protocol for Modern SCADAcommunication systems

Wireless industries control

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is a computer system for collecting and analysing data in almost real-time fashion for monitoring and control of electric powersystem applications.Thus, communication channels play a core role in SCADA systems implementation. View More
Streelights Are Getting Smarter: Integrating an Intelligent Communications and Control System to the Current Infrastructure

Real time applications, Energy saving

The proposed remote-control system can optimize management and efficiency of street lighting systems. It uses Zigbee-based wireless devices which enable more efficient street lamp-system management, thanks to an advanced interface and control architecture. It uses a sensor combination to control and guarantee the desired system parameters; the information is transferred point by point using Zigbee transmitters and receivers and is sent to a control terminal used to check the state of the street lamps and to take appropriate measures in case of failure. View More
Design of a Network for Detection of Environmental Condition Using Wireless Sensor Network Technology

Sensor Networking, Boiler applications

The project presents the design of a selfconfigured and small wireless sensor network for monitoring the weather condition such as rainfall and wind direction for the nearest areas. View More
Automation of a distributed generation system

Auto Power Distributions and Management

The project describes the automatic generation control of a distributed generation (DG) system based on the optimal power flow. The optimization technique based on economical and technical considerations is presented. Also, an automation of the DG system is performed using a SCADA software considering the load, the availability of the system’s generating units. Also, the optimal power dispatch is presented View More
Development and implementation of an intelligent system for permanent evaluation of light fixtures in a lighting system of transmission system substations

Power lighting

This project includes information about the development of the new monitoring system, especially with regard to ensuring secure and reliable communication between measuring systems and the central control system. View More
PLC based photovoltaic system management for smart home energy management system

Renewable energy sources

This paper describes a photovoltaic (PV) system management scheme. A typical PV system installed in home monitors only the status values at the inverter. It has difficulty in localizing failures in the PV system for maintenance. To overcome this, we propose a PLC-based management scheme that consists of a PLC modem, a renewable energy gateway (REG), and a smart device application. View More
Virtual power plant with pumped storage power plant for renewable energy integration

Go-Green applications

Renewable energy sources such as wind and photovoltaic are highly volatile and their integration into the grid, goes more and more through combining them together with complementary and flexible sources, a concept known as Virtual Power Plant, VPP View More
Virtual power plant with pumped storage power plant for renewable energy integration

Go-Green applications

Renewable energy sources such as wind and photovoltaic are highly volatile and their integration into the grid, goes more and more through combining them together with complementary and flexible sources, a concept known as Virtual Power Plant, VPP View More
Effect of PLC and SCADA in boosting the working of elevator system

Escalator control systems

This project presents the control of elevator system using Delta PLC. The system is programmed to drive a dc motor for forward and backward motoring mode with sensors at each floor, emergency STOP switch for maintenance purpose or to prevent any accident inside the lift & door switch for safety purpose. View More
PLC Based Automation of Grain Dryer


Drying is an important process which can preserve the grain for a long duration and lower losses during grain storage. A new methodology is developed for drying the grains by using difference in air humidity at inlet and outlet section of the drying chamber. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is used to control the entire drying procedure automatically. View More
Flash Flood Warning System using SCADA System

Dam Management

Flash flood is one of the natural disasters that cause severe damage in many parts around the world. The large numbers of villager who reside along the stream side suffer by losing their accommodations, properties, and life. The reason that made flash flood very dangerous is abruptly happening with no proper warning. View More
The PLC Based Control System for Intelligent Garage

Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS)

This project produce the intelligent garage system, with the help of PLC. PLC is an automatic controller; it may reduce the human effort in the garage system. The whole process is monitored by SCADA animated applications. The feasibility and validity of this system are achieved reasonably by the PLC based parking of vehicles View More
Application of Wireless Sensor Network in the Monitoring System of Boiler

Oil and Gas, Production industries

In the process of petroleum storage and transportation, temperature, pressure and flow, controlled by varieties of electric valves and pumps, are the main monitoring parameters. The changes of temperature and pressure will lead to the change of the petroleum storage and transportation. View More
Cost-Effective and Real-Time SCADA Home Energy Monitoring System

Domestic and Industrial applications

Building Management System, also called BMS ,is a technological system which is installed in a building for monitoring and operating of electrical and mechanical equipment such as an electric energy generator, air conditioning, fire alarm system, and other security systems. This type of management mainly relies on SCADA system. View More
Wireless Programmable Logical Controller for Efficient irrigation system using Hybrid PV -Wind system

Go green applications

This project describes a novel way of using the hybrid solar and wind energy effectively for pumping solution in rural parts of India. A hybrid generation system consist photo voltaic (PV), wind turbine (WT) and Battery to supply stable power to rural residential loads. DC/DC converters are used to control the power flow to the load and Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) is used for maximum power extraction from the PV and WT and to compensate power fluctuation of renewable energy. View More
Railway Crossing Intelligent Safety Alarming System Design based on PLC

Safety management

To deal with potential risk existing in railway crossings, a new type of dual intelligent safety alarming system based on PLC is studied and presented in this paper. This system can receive signals of running direction and location of trains and guarantee safety of passing vehicles and pedestrians by means of giving alarms with light and sound. View More
High-Efficiency Solar Tracker Development and Effectiveness Estimation

Renewable energy source

The objectives of the proposed work are to design an automated tracking technique using Light Dependent Resistance (LDR), and to position the solar panel to absorb maximum energy. For positioning the solar panel two stepper motors are used those are controlled using PLC programming with the help of Delta PLC. View More
Smart Home Energy Management System Including Renewable Energy Based on ZigBee and PLC

Domestic and Industries

This paper describes smart home energy management system (HEMS) that includes both energy consumption and renewable energy generation. ZigBee is used to measure and transfer the power and energy of home appliances at the outlets and the lights. View More
Auto Load Implementation of High energy intensive industry

Power Distributions and Management

This paper presents the principal solution for a real time load control application in the industry under the conditions of open electricity market. The aim of the study is to create the basic concept of a PLC controlled load optimization system for the group of energy intensive machines. View More
SCADA Application Of A Water Steam Cycle Of A Thermal Power Plant


In this project, to present a PLC for the process of water treatment in a thermal power plant (TPP) in the one hand, and an application of a supervisory control and data acquisition System (SCADA) on the other hand. In fact, almost all critical industrial infrastructures and processes are managed remotely from central control rooms, using computers and communications networks. View More
Water Storage and Distribution System for Pharmaceuticals Using PLC and SCADA

Fluid Control System(FCS), Water Management

Water is one of the major commodities used by the pharmaceutical industry. It may be present as an excipient or used for reconstitution of products during synthesis, during production of the finished product or as c1eaning agent for rinsing vessels, equipment, primary packaging materials etc. Once water for pharmaceutical use has been obtained, it must be stored and distributed to the points of use; there is no point in producing quality water unless it is correctly stored and distributed. This project deals with this concept. View More
Application Of MODBUS To Communicate The PLC And Lab VIEW For Real Time Process Control

Multi domain interfacing

This project presents the State-of-the-Art and recent trends of SCADA system Architecture, which is usually three layer SCADA system architecture depending on open system technology rather than a vendor controlled, Proprietary technology. A Real-time Industrial process is simulated (water level controller), and a complete three-layer model SCADA system is developed for this process: supervision control layer, Process control layer and field Instrument layer. View More
Design of Monitoring Management System of Platform Screen Doors for Urban Transit

Railway safety and transportation

With the requirement of localization, the monitoring management system of Platform Screen Doors System for urban transit is proposed in this paper. The system is designed based on delta PLC, including function description, system architecture and human-computer interface. The software has been applied in several actual projects, and its performance can achieve stable monitoring effect. View More
Automatic Car Washing System based on PLC

Fast and accuracy

The main objective of this paper is to perform exterior car washing automatically using Programmable Logic Controller integrated with GSM modem. GSM-PLC sends information like entry, exit of car, emergency conditions to the customer or operator through SMS. After acquiring the information from PLC, the operator can able to act upon it. Car washing includes Spraying of soap solution, cleansing with water, wiped by brushes and finished with forced air drying. View More
Modeling Load Uncertainty in Distribution Network Monitoring

Power management

In this paper we describe an analytical method for estimating uncertainty in distribution loads, with applications to network monitoring and optimal meter placement. Our model works by assessing the impact of consumption aggregation from customers of different types, in order to determine the mean and variance of loading profile in each distribution transformer in the network. View More
Wireless Sensor Network for Prototype of Fire Detection

Wireless safety measures

This paper proposes the prototype design of a fire suppression system. The system uses temperature sensor LM35, gas sensor MQ-7 and PLC as processing data from sensors. Environmental conditions such as temperature and CO gas concentration will be processed by the microcontroller and the data is sent by XBee Radio Frequency (RF) module and forwarded to the XBee RF server. View More
Design Of Integrated Supervision And Control System For Substation

Substation Power distribution

This design use of PLC for the substation of the simulation module of the simulation was carried out in the collection, and monitoring interface to monitor the use of PLC for the substation of the number of modules in the switch control, the use of force-controlled technology to monitor configuration software interface design, and publishing in the Internet interface, remote control. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is the primary source of data for many activities in an electric utility. The whole project is monitor by SCADA. View More
Novel Automated Fault Isolation System on Low Voltage Distribution System

Power Distribution and Management

This project proposes a new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) based fault isolation system on the low voltage distribution system. It presents a customized distribution automation system (DAS) for automatic operation and secure fault isolation tested in the Malaysian utility distribution system. View More
The boiler design of remote monitoring system based on the SCADA

Industrial safety applications, Oil and Gas

In order to achieving the most effective petroleum storage and transportation under different environments, temperature, pressure and flow, petroleum storage and transportation database is established. The database provides the basis for petroleum storage and transportation to adopt different ways and methods in different temperature, pressure and flow In the paper, configuration software and PLC are applied to construct SCADA System of the petroleum transportation. View More
Application of Computer and Modern Automation System For Protection and Optimum Use of High Voltage Power Transformer

HVAC, Protection of transformers

High voltage power transformer is widely used in all over the world as generation of electrical power in either voltage level. In power-transformer lots of equipment working together like cooling fan, Buchholz relay, breather, bushing, differential relay and so on. So it is necessary to find out problems occur in it and to eradicate them as early as possible so the high cost of High voltage power transformer does not get damage and optimum use View More
Ventilation Door’s Automatic Control System Based PLC and Rotary Encoder

Pressure control

Ventilation is an important part of the coal mine, and the ventilation door is one of the most important parts for the ventilation unit. The role of the ventilation door is that when the ventilation operation, do not make the airflow enter another standby ventilation, which can reduce air leakage loss. The ventilations door needs to be completely in place so as to avoid air leakage affecting the coal mine’s ventilation volume. So the ventilation door control is very important. This project providing the reasonable solution for this application. View More
Automatic Control Of Irrigation Systems Aiming At High Energy Efficiency In Rice Crops

Agricultural, Wireless monitoring

The automated irrigation system has an important role in controlling the use of electricity and water to ensure the quality of grain and to improve irrigation efficiency. An irrigation system typically includes a reservoir or water channels and a pumping system. In this project presents a complete solution for the automated irrigation of rice crops using water level sensors, remote supervision system (SCADA) and wireless communication (Zigbee). View More
Designing a robot for spray painting applications based on PLC

BMS systems, HVAC systems

In particular, important type of industrial robot (i.e. spray painting robot) is widely applied into the coating production process. Viewed from the current situation, however, it is very difficult for spray painting robot to be accepted by small and medium-sized enterprises. The main reason is that it is featured by relatively high price, strong technicality, difficulty in adapting to the production environment and weak reaction capacity toward the market. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a kind of universal type spray painting robot with low costs and realize network control. View More
PLC based oil storage in boiler applications

Industrial safety systems

In the project, configuration software and PLC are applied to construct SCADA System of the petroleum transportation. A petroleum storage and transportation database is created, which provide a large amount of experimental data to the research of petroleum storage and transportation and provide the basis for the promotion of new methods and new technologies. View More
Water Hammer Protection In Water Supply System: A New Approach With Practical Implementation

Fluid Control Systems

An unprotected water pipe mainly suffers frequent damages due to water hammer surges developed inside the pipe lines. This project develops the effect of water hammer in a water delivery pipe theoretically and developed a novel method to combat the damage. The project is consisting of a smart electronic pressure transmitter, PLC based SCADA system and valve automation. View More
Automated Urban Drinking Water Supply Control and Water Theft Identification System

Fluid Control system , Oil and Gas

The system includes Remote Terminal Units – RTU, specific transducers and actuators distributed on a wide geographical area and control and power panels for the pump stations. The reliable instrumentation connected to PLC or RTU assure real time monitoring of the main technological parameters of large water distribution networks View More
Automatic Measurement and Reporting System of Water Quality Based on GSM

Mobile monitoring in FCS

The system consists of multiple sensors of water quality testing and data acquisition module to PLC, information transmission module, monitoring center and other accessories. Various parameters of water quality are automatically detected under the control of programmable logic controller all day. View More
Automatic Temperature Monitoring and Constant Current Driving High Power Led Supplied by PV/Wind/Grid Hybrid System

Integration of multiple power supply

This project discusses about a kind of constant temperature and current operating high power LED module supplied by photovoltaic (PV)/wind/grid hybrid power system was designed in this paper. The LED was monitored while was controlled at room or lower temperature by a closed loop feedback circuit. An optimal PV/wind/grid complementary generation with lead-acid rechargeable battery was employed to supply the LED module. View More
Integrated SCADA-based Approach for Pipeline Security and Operation

Oil and Gas distribution, Water distribution

This project reviews techniques internal to the pipeline that are commonly used to detect and locate leaks. The pipeline SCADA system provides the common data collection interface where pipeline process information is gathered and displayed. Alarm management is provided as well as visualization of the information generated by the leak detection and leak location systems. View More

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