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TECHNOLOGICS headquartered in Bangalore, India. is established by technology pioneers having decades of experience across India & Middle East in controls and automation industry. We offer a wide range of services, related to PLC SCADA, IBMS, LabVIEW, Building Automation, Home Automation, Embedded systems, ETAP Power, JAVA JSP, Python, Device Driver, IOT & OPC for commercial, residential and Industrial sectors.
TECHNOLOGICS commenced business trading as a designer and installer of multi-brand controls, automation distribution systems, providing a complete range of Custom Installation services and has an extensive experience in the field of complex turn-key solutions development and integration. We propose, design, develop, train, install, integrate, operate and maintain the state of the art EMBEDDED, IBMS/SCADA and the PLC automation systems and solutions. The services we offer span the full development / integration lifecycle from definition of requirements to field testing of implemented solutions.

  • Industrial Automation (PLC SCADA DCS VFD HMI)
  • Process Automation
  • Integrated Building Management System (IBMS)
  • Embedded Systems
  • LabVIEW
  • Linux & Device Driver
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) & OPC
  • ETAP Power System
  • JAVA JSP & Other IT Software
  • Oracle Database

Advance Diploma in Mechanical Automotive Design Training Includes:

    • Introduction to AutoCAD 2D
    • Understanding AutoCAD Interface
    • Co Ordinate Systems in AutoCAD 2D
    • Drawing and Modifying Objects
    • Dimensioning in AutoCAD
    • Layer management Publish and Plot
    • Block creation and Block edit
    • Knowing Attributes
    • Isometric Drawings in Auto CAD
    • Customizing AutoCAD
    • Project documentation
    • Knowing Layout and Layout Settings
  • AutoCAD 3D
    • Introduction to 3D drawings
    • Types of 3D models
    • The convention to AutoCAD 3D
    • Coordinate systems in AutoCAD 3D
    • Viewing a 3D model
    • Creating Wireframe models
    • Creating Surface models
    • Modelling solid objects
    • Editing 3D objects
    • Generating drawing views of solid models
    • Calculating mass properties of solid models
    • Rendering
    • Animations for 3D objects
    • Working with raster images
    • Project documentation
  • Catia v5
    • Introduction Catia v5
    • Understanding view manipulation
    • Understanding standard toolbar
    • Introduction to sketcher
    • Profile creation using design parameters
    • Understanding sketch tools
    • Creating construction/std. element
    • Applying Geometrical/Dimensional constraints
    • Understanding user selection filter toolbar
    • Understanding visualization toolbar
    • Profile editing options
    • Sketch analysis
    • Introduction to part design
      • Sketch based features
      • Creating reference element
      • Applying Dress-Up features
      • Advanced Dress-Up features
      • Creating Surface based features
      • Creating transformation features
      • Applying Boolean operations
      • Inserting new bodies
      • Understanding toolbars
      • Data exchange in Catia
      • Introduction to Assembly design
      • Understanding tools and toolbars
      • Assembly features
      • Assembly constraints
      • Introduction to Sheet metal
      • Understanding views toolbar
      • Creating walls and Rolled walls
      • Understanding bending operations
      • Understanding cutting operations
      • Understanding stamping operations
      • Understanding transformation operations
      • Manufacturing preparation
    • Wireframe and Surface design
    • Introduction to surface design
    • Understanding wireframe toolbar
    • Creating surfaces
    • Trim & Split definition
    • Creating Sweep surfaces
    • Analysis
    • Drafting
    • Real-time Rendering workbench
  • NX CAD
    • Introduction to NX CAD
    • Knowing Design parameters
    • Graphical user interface
    • Coordinate Systems in NX CAD
    • Introduction to sketcher workbench
    • Feature Modelling
    • Datum Features
    • Advanced Feature modelling
    • Feature operations and smart tools
    • Assembly Modelling
    • Making constraints in Assembly
    • Drafting
    • Advanced Drafting
    • Surface Modelling
    • Sheet metal design
  • CREO Parametric
    • Introduction to Creo Parametric
    • Features of Creo Parametric
    • GUI of Creo Parametric
    • Introduction to sketcher workbench
    • Base feature-Part modelling
    • Advanced features of part modelling
    • Datum features
    • Feature operations
    • Smart tools
    • Setup and Utilities
    • Assembly Modelling
    • Advanced Assembly Design
    • Surface features
    • Drawing views
    • Detailing the drawing
    • Sheets and formats
    • Sheetmetal Design
    • Flexible Modelling
  • GD&T
    • What is GD&T
    • Machining flow chart
    • Necessity of Dimensional Tolerance
    • Tolerance dimensioning
    • Deviation
    • System of fits
    • Terms and definitions
    • Maximum Material Condition (MMC)
    • GD&T Rules
    • GD&T Symbols and Modifiers
Automotive Design, Automobile Industries, Manufacturing, Production etc.
SolidWorks, Catia V5, PRO-E, CREO, SolidEdge, Unigraphics
CNC Programming, CNC Operating, Catia CAM, UG CAM, PRO-E CAM, Master CAM
Ansys, ANSA, Hypermesh, Nastron, Patron

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