Just think and Do: Process of controlling the Robot by Neuro Waves based on LabVIEW

Robotics controls, Wheel chair control

A brain-computer interface (BCI) is defined as a system of communication or control which is based on consciously generated brain waves (EEG signals) that control a mechanical device. The BCI system is the most direct method of communicating between the human brain and a computer or machine. View More
Brain waves for automatic biometric based user recognition

High security applications, Industries safety systems, Navy and Army

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) translate brain signals into a control signal without using muscles or peripheral nerves. Based on these signals, we can able to make authendications. View More
A brain computer interface for smart home control

BMS smart control, Home appliances control

An electroencephalogram (EEG) based brain-computer interface (BCI) was connected with a Virtual Reality system in order to control a smart home application. Therefore special control masks were developed which allowed using the EEG as input signal for the BCI system View More
LabVIEW Brain Computer Interface for EEG Analysis During Sleep Stages

Bio medicals, EEG processing

LabVIEW has proved to be an excellent rapid development tool for signal acquisition and processing applications. It allows the development of a useful EEG processing tool in a easier way View More
EEG-Based Attention Tracking during Distracted Driving

Automotive applications, Driver safety and alerting system

Driving is a skill that requires drivers to direct their full attention to control the cars. This project implemeting the method for maintaing the driver attaention on the driving. View More
Design and implementation of automated blood bank using embedded systems

Bio-medicals, Real time application, Ease of communications

"Automated Blood Bank is an associate work that brings voluntary blood donors and those in need of blood on to a common platform. The mission is to fulfill every blood request in the country with a promising android application and motivated individuals who are willing to donate blood" View More
Smart home for elderly care, based on Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless Monitoring, Technolgy based caring of elder peoples

The population of elder people is growing rapidly and these days many of them have to stay alone, independently instead of old age homes. In this project, WSN based system will be take care of them. View More
Weblab of a control experiment in a newborn baby incubator

Bio medicals, Neonatal nursing station

The safety of the patient is of utmost importance. Unlike normal infants, who can regulate their body temperatures on their own, premature newborn infants do not have proper temperature monitoring capability. With the advancement in technology, medical industry has also evolved and reached sky-high in the current day world. The mortality rates of the premature newborn infants have been brought under control View More
A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System

Animals care, Zoological parks, Farms

An animal health monitoring system (AHMS) for monitoring the physiological parameters such as rumination, body temperature, and heart rate with surrounding temperature and humidity has been developed. The developed system can also be analyzing the stress level corresponding to thermal humidity index (THI). View More
Design and Development of a Networked Health Monitoring and Control System

Smart care, Mobility of monitoring, Health Service Centers

This project implementing the remote health monitoring and control of critically ill patients, with the help of networked sensors. The continuous monitoring of the health of a patient in a hospital, information fusion from multiple sensor‐data as well as broadcasting the recorded data on a network View More
Developing an Intelligent e-Restaurant with a Menu Recommender for Customer- Centric Service

"Hospital , Research laboratories

"The advent of new high-speed technology and the growing computer capacity provided realistic opportunity for new robot controls and realisation of new methods of control theory. A robot that is in sync with the ordering system will serve." View More
Automated Book Picking Robot for Libraries based on LabVIEW

Large Libraries, Institutional books management, Document Saftey

"The computer technology and the Internet have the potential to provide a highly interactive and powerful learning environment for engineering disciplines" View More
Mobile robotic system for search mission

Defense applications, Rescue operations

"Robot can do a work with ease which seems to be impossible for a man and it becomes more helpful if one can able to control it wirelessly." View More
Motion Sensing based Intelligent Management System for Surveillance

Security applications

The machine system parameters can provide a large amount of useful information about the machine condition, maintenance requirement and productivity. Until now, the machine parameters are estimated using crude motion technology supported with motion sensing techniques. View More
Time Scheduling based food feeding system for Animals

Safe and Secure feeding system, Zoological parks

"This project presents a new economical solution of robot control system for different sophisticated robot for feeding system for animals." View More
Control of Omni-Directional Robot Using Accelerometer Sensor on Android Smartphone

Ease of robotic controls

"This project, introduces an Android OS (operating system) based application that communicates with an omni directional robot to control it with the on-board accelerometers, and gyroscopes of a tablet or smartphone, intended to be used in telemedicine procedures." View More
Implementation of WSN which can simultaneously monitor temperature conditions and control robot for positional accuracy

Robotic control applications, Motion Control

Sensor networks and robots are both quickly evolving fields, the union of two fields seems inherently symbiotic. Collecting data from stationary sensors can be time consuming task and thus can be automated by adding wireless communication capabilities to the sensors. View More
Automatic Docking System for Recharging Home Surveillance Robots

Rechargable devices, High Security applications

This paper presents the development and characterization of a surveillance robot with automatic docking and recharging capabilities for home security. The proposed system is composed of a surveillance robot and a docking station View More
Affective States Asessment System Based on Heart Rate and Facial Expressions Using LabVIEW


"The aim of the present work is to develop an automated system that implements synchronous recording of human physiological parameters, together with viewing audiovisual stimulus and subsequent assessment of emotional perception of the information provided to test persons." View More
Facial Electromyography for Characterization of Emotions using Lab VIEW

Controlling devices, Media Player

"Knowledge of muscle activity during movements is essential for understanding control strategies of human neuromuscular system. Human face is considered as source of information for revealing a person's affective state. This project presents a method of recognizing two facial emotions using vision channel data acquisition system" View More
A Hand Gesture Based Transceiver System for Multiple Application

Devices controls, Security systems

In this world where every operations performed by human are getting simple, in order to make it more simpler I present an innovation which makes use of human GESTURE, the very definition of being human. View More
Development of a Wireless Voice Control System for Rehabilitative Devices

Devices controls, Security systems

Voice-controlled device was developed capable of wirelessly transmitting the control signals to the rehabilitative device. Voice-controlled devices are being explored for applications in various fields including medicine. The voicecontrolled technology has shown great promises for the differentlyabled persons to control rehabilitative devices without engaging their hands. View More
Eyeball Tracking Using Labview &GSM

Coma Patients, Bio medicals

An eye tracking system is an integration of a set of devices and associated programs for measuring eye positions and eye movement, and correlating the results to the same eye across images acquired sequentially over time. In this project, a smart camera, LabVIEW and vision software tools are utilized to generate eye detection and tracking algorithms. View More
Design and implementation of the moving workpiece sorting system based on LabVIEW

Quality Checking, Industries applications

"The application of machine vision in the industry has been a hot research. The technology of sorting different workpieces on a conveyor belt has a higher demand in industrial production. This project applies machine vision technology to build a moving workpiece sorting system. The development of image processing and workpiece recognition algorithm is based on LabVIEW Vision Development Module." View More
Sensor based identification system for Train Collision Avoidance

Railway Safety systems

"The accidents between trains are increasing due to negligence of intelligent techniques implemented in the trains and improper control signaling from the Train Traffic Control Station (TTCS). The Train Tracking Chip (TTC) modules and Train Identification Chip (TIC) modules are using to sense the presence of trains on the same track. The signals from the moving train are transmitted through the GSM network to the stationary trains on the same track and to the TTCS" View More
A Time and Energy Efficient Parking System Using ZigBee Communication Protocol

Vehicle safe parking system, Wireless Communications

"This project propose a smart parking system for heavy traffic environments using ZigBee wireless transmission module. The proposed system is suitable for multi-floor buildings and able to send a message to vehicles about the status of parking spaces. The parking monitoring system continuously collects the data from parking slot detectors and then it intimates the vehicle section." View More
Development of Wireless Battery Monitoring for electric vehicle

Smart grid vehicle charging, Wireless monitoring

A Wireless Battery Monitoring System (WBMS) for electric vehicle has been developed for monitoring voltage, current and temperature of battery. This system consists of hardwares (sensors, a microcontroller, a bluetooth module, an Android smartphone) and software View More
Fire Rescue System In Railways using LabVIEW

Railway safety, Vehicle safety

Railways are one of the best modes of transport in the world as they are much feasible and more comfortable to the passengers. So, we have implemented a solution for this problem by developing an enhanced fire rescue system for reducing the number of victims in case of train fire accidents. This system has been developed and implemented using the smart sensors and microcontroller technology View More
Auto Discovering Structure for the Crashed (or) Disaster vechicle based on wireless Technology with LabVIEW

Higway accident rescue system, Boat Rescue systems

The road accidents in the city and urban areas have been nonstop and to bar the loss of life due to the accidents is even more crucial. We introduce a scheme that locates the accident vehicles using wireless embedded applications. The main theme behind this scheme is to provide a better communication flow to reach the hospitals in time and thus minifying the expiration. View More
Experimental Study &Design of Smart Meter ARM

Power Management system for domestic applications, EMS in industries

With the scarcity of power resources and increase in demand for power, the world is going through a power crisis. The world is now looking forward to develop technologies for efficient power generation and utilization at the same time. In some countries high loads at peak hours have lead to blackouts in the past. So power generation efficiency alone is not important to a country but efficient power consumption pattern as well. View More
Institutional power Management system by Labview

Energy management sysems, Automatic Power controls

In this project we have presented the concept of smart classroom power saving system in an effort to reduce the energy consumption and wastage using advanced graphical software called LabVIEW. This automation process is an application of ubiquitous computing in which the institution environment is monitored by ambient intelligence to provide context-aware services and facilitate remote power control. View More
Design and Analysis of IIR Notch Filter using LabVIEW

Signal processing

"The concept of this project is implementation of IIR notch filter using signal processing tool kit of LabVIEW software. User interface is designed using LabVIEW to obtain the simulation results of digital IIR notch filtering technique. Simulation results are presented in terms of magnitude squared value of notch frequency for different nature of noise signals." View More
Implementation of Automated Demand Side Energy Monitoring on TOD Basis Using LabVIEW

Efficient power managemnt for industries and home applications

This LabVIEW application uses the concept of Time of Day (TOD) metering to track how much electricity a consumer uses and the time of use. Demand side energy utilization is tracked electronically using a microcontroller based system. The electronically tracked information is acquired by the LabVIEW application using Zigbee based wireless communication. View More
LabVIEW based remote laboratory for advanced motion control

Motion controlling

"Remote laboratories for advanced motion control are an important tool for teaching students in mechatronics courses of control systems engineering and experimentation with a wide range of feedback devices" View More
Implementation of foot step power generation using piezoelectric transducer for Low power Applications

Low cost Power generations

Man has needed and used energy at an increasing rate for the sustenance and well-being since time immemorial. Due to this a lot of energy resources have been exhausted and wasted. When the flooring is engineered with piezo electric technology, the electrical energy produced by the pressure is captured by floor sensors and converted to an electrical charge by piezo transducers, then stored and used as a power source. View More
Web Based Home Automation Using Labview

Smart home, Industries control

The system can monitor the temperature, humidity, lighting, fire & burglar alarm, gas density of the house and have infrared sensor to guarantees the family security. The approach combines hardware and software technologies. Virtual instrumentation uses a general-purpose computer to mimic real instruments with their controls and displays. View More
Web based service to monitor automatic irrigation system for the agriculture field using sensors

Eco friendly

"The paper describes the automatic irrigation system using the Arduino microcontroller with grove moisture sensor and water flow sensor. The communication will be established using the Zigbee protocol and the control will be sent based on the moisture level of the soil using Arduino microcontroller" View More
Electrical Distribution Substation Remote Diagnosis and Control System

High Voltage distributions, Subastion management

"This project presents the conception, design, set up and realization of a prototype system for telemanagement of a MV/LV substation. The prototype has been developed according to the current standards. This system allows to monitor the status of the MV/LV substation box, of the medium voltage equipment, of the transformer and of the low voltage equipment." View More
An Embedded Web server based Remote MotorControl system using Virtual Panel

Remote panel monitoring, i-NET based configurations

"A design of PIC microcontroller along with Ethernet module is presented. Parameters such as Temperature, voltage, current can be monitored and read out with the help of internal ADC. A web server can be embedded into any appliance and connected to the Internet so the appliance can be monitored and controlled from remote places through the browser in a desktop" View More
Implementation of 802.15.4 for designing of home automation and power monitoring system

Power management system

Innovation in the field of wireless technologies has revolutionized automation in industrial, commercial and residential sectors. With the proliferation of wireless technologies, it is important to implement an appropriate wireless protocol according to the application area such as home, office etc., View More
LabVIEW based online monitoring and control of PMDC motor speed

Motor control and monitoring, Industries equipments controls

"The online transmission of data between a client and a server is implemented using build-in web-server in LabVIEW and TCP/IP protocol, access with the help of Microsoft Silverlight and configured through LabVIEW configuration palette. The real-time data is acquired from the PMDC motor by using data acquisition card (DAQ)." View More
Real time solid waste bin monitoring system framework using wireless sensor network

Eco friendly application, Hygenic environment creations

"This paper presents a new framework that enables the remote monitoring of solid waste bin in real time, via ZigBee-PRO and GSM, to assist the solid waste management process. The system is designed to monitor the status of the bin as soon as someone throw waste insight it." View More
Wireless sensor network protocol developed for microcontroller based Wireless Sensor units, and data processing with visualization by LabVIEW

Multi sensor data processing, Industries applications, RF communications

"The sensor networks are established by the connection of numerous sensors which are located at different places. This project introduce the general structure of Wireless Sensor Networks as well as different wireless standards and network components. Furthermore, this projectprovides an overview about the construction of the Wireless Sensor Unit and the operation of LabVIEW as a web-server and its network setup options." View More
A Complete Farm Management System based on Animal identification using RFID tech

Farm maintenance, Safety management

A FARMA platform environmental monitoring system based on a PIR and Voice alert system has been proposed. This system is suitable for the complex and large-scale Agriculture environment monitoring, such as for animals. This paper is devoted to the explanation and illustration for our new FARMA environment monitoring system design by above combinations technologies. The Animals in Specified Range are connected to the Readers by sending the continuous Information to the Readers. View More
LabVIEW visualization and Data Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Units based on DFFT

Motor safety control and monitoring

A networked wireless industrial load management along with the process monitoring and controlling system in an induction motor based on wireless sensor networks An embedded system is employed for acquiring electrical signals from the motor and then performing local processing for voltage, current, temperature and speed estimation after transmitting to a monitoring unit through an Zigbee technology these parameters can be controlled using the LabVIEW software. View More
Bluetooth based android sensors data acqusition process

Real time sensor acqusition, Authendications,

This project provides the new graphical system for acquiring the real time sensors from android mobile phones. Based on blutooth technology, the sensors such as acceleremeter, light, temperature, proximity sensors values can able to acquire in LabVIEW front panel. View More
Remote GSM module monitoring and Photovoltaic System control

Solar power generations, Wind power generations, Fault idendifications

"A major concept related to solar energy and PV systems is remote monitoring. Remote monitoring is on-line real-time monitoring and controlling the field equipment, transmitting the real-time picture and testing data to the terminal to forecast or diagnose [1]. The remote monitoring system have to obtain, analyze, transmit, manage and feedback the remote goal information, by combining the most advanced science and technology field of communication technology and other areas." View More
The application of Labview in mine hydrology wireless monitoring system

Safety maintanace system

the improvement of the coal mine underground water level, water pressure, water temperature and more water conditions monitoring system becomes very important. The paper introduces a kind of wireless mine hydrology monitoring system based on LabVIEW Upper monitor interface to face with some disadvantages such as the fast changing of mine hydrology, the large number of informative data on monitoring, remote location and harsh environment. View More
A Novel Design of User Responsive Smart Meter Integrated Automated EMS in SCADA Interfaced Smart Grid

Domestic energy meters, Wireless monitoring and billing

Nowadays, the electrical power networks around the world are being faced with new challenges and problems and most of them were designed and built about fifty years ago. They thus cannot meet the requirements of the rapid development of modern society, e.g. the increase of electrical power consumption, strict specifications of power quality and stability. Based on LabVIEW,this project provides smart electricity monitor can receive data from substations via a communication network. Then after processing the information a LabVIEW program can analyse the data and output this graphically for professional users. View More
Application Of MODBUS To Communicate The PLC And Lab VIEW For Real Time Process Control

Industries control, SCADA design in LabVIEW

A Real-time Industrial process is simulated (water level controller), and a complete three-layer model SCADA system is developed for this process: supervision control layer, Process control layer and field Instrument layer. National Instrument’s LabVIEW with the associated Data Logging and Supervisory Control Toolset (DSC) is used to develop the SCADA/HMI in supervision layer. Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) from Delta, DVP 14SS or 20EX and related software package are used to build up process control layer. View More

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