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An Project approach is one where you follow some appropriate process or methodology that leads from requirements to concepts to design to Implementation, Testing & Troubleshooting.MORE

A project usually consists of the design and implementation of some information systems artefact, such as a piece of software. It does not have to be the construction of a new system from scratch MORE

A proper Presentation is necessary for you to show that you can place your work in the wider context of computing and that you have adequately found out about previous work in the field that may guide your project.MORE

The 3 things that external supervisors in recent years have most frequently criticized projects for is lack of a proper terature presentation, failure to adopt an Professional approach and lack of a critical element.MORE


Technologics is committed to helping fresh graduates achieve the skills and expertise required to take their careers to the next level. It offers them comprehensive technical training to acquire, maintain and optimize their PLC - SCADA automation skills.

A SCADA system incorporates all the capabilities of the graphical Operator Interfaces described previously and adds the capability of logging data over time. This course will give you experience in designing SCADA systems professionally using best-practice techniques and standards. SCADA Systems play a central role alongside PLC’s, allowing Operators and Engineers to interface with the Control System and PLC. If you’re working in engineering, having SCADA knowledge and experience taught at a professionally recognized level can further your career.

SCADA and HMI Training Courses

This course is designed for people who want to develop projects with SCADA and wish to gain experience in designing and configuring an advanced HMI/SCADA software application.
During this course you will become familiar with all of the basic aspects of this HMI/SCADA package.

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Certification Course on SCADA Training

Our comprehensive training course on the PLC Training, Scada Training, HMI , VFD

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