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  • 100% Placement Assistance Track record Till Date
  • Fully Equipped Updated Software and Hardware facility
  • Industrial experienced faculties
  • New generation Hardware
  • FREE Soft Skills Training
  • 100% Hands-On Practical Oriented Training
  • Career Guidance & Mentorship
  • Individual Focus
  • Real-Time Project Exposure
  • Frequent accessibility to Industrial leadership

TECHNOLOGICS headquartered in Bangalore, India. is established by technology pioneers having decades of experience across India & Middle East in controls and automation industry. We offer a wide range of services, related to PLC SCADA, IBMS, LabVIEW, Building Automation, Home Automation, Embedded systems, ETAP Power, JAVA JSP, Python, Device Driver, IOT & OPC for commercial, residential and Industrial sectors.
TECHNOLOGICS commenced business trading as a designer and installer of multi-brand controls, automation distribution systems, providing a complete range of Custom Installation services and has an extensive experience in the field of complex turn-key solutions development and integration. We propose, design, develop, train, install, integrate, operate and maintain the state of the art EMBEDDED, IBMS/SCADA and the PLC automation systems and solutions. The services we offer span the full development / integration lifecycle from definition of requirements to field testing of implemented solutions.

  • Industrial Automation (PLC SCADA DCS VFD HMI)
  • Process Automation
  • Integrated Building Management System (IBMS)
  • Embedded Systems
  • LabVIEW Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Linux & Device Driver
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) & OPC
  • ETAP Power System
  • JAVA JSP & Other IT Software
  • Oracle Database

Course# Training Course Level
CLVE Certified LabVIEW Engineer Certification
BLT Basic LabVIEW Training Graduate
ILT Intermediate LabVIEW training intermediate
ALT Advance LabVIEW training Advance
Training overview

Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference

Before signing up for our LabVIEW Training course, we are sure you will have a lot of questions.In case you still have anything specific write to us at

What if I don't get job after training?

This scenario though very rare at TECHNOLOGICS, always poses a big question mark to the fresher/students. In case a student faces such a scenario after doing a course, Certain prerequisite we have on selecting Candidates for Interview are Internal Assessment Test, Real time projects, Assignments, Mock round of interview, HR round of Interview, 80-100 % attendence, 80% Plus grade in all the Test conducted by TECHNOLOGICS with these criteria candidates are assured to get JOB Opertunities from TECHNOLOGICS. Somtimes student are also given opportunity to work on live ongoing projects at TECHNOLOGICS, which will add to Real-time project experience and increases the chances of getting jobs.

When will I have access to the lectures and assignments?

Once you enroll for a TECHNOLOGICS Certificate, you’ll have access to all Hardwares, Softwares, videos, quizzes, and programming assignments (if applicable). Peer review assignments can only be submitted and reviewed once your session has begun. If you choose to explore the course without purchasing, you may not be able to access certain assignments.

How do I make my fee payments?

Fee payments are accepted by Cash, Cheque or as by online transfer, details are provided below. After transferring the money, please contact us with the transaction ID or Mail / call us to facilitate it further.

What if I need additional time to complete the course?

Not a problem - course schedules are flexible, and course fee payments provide 25 - 35 Days of full course access and Certificate eligibility. Self-paced courses have suggested deadlines, but you won’t be penalized for missing deadlines as long as you earn your Certificate within 40 days. Session-based courses may requires you to meet deadlines to stay on track; but if you fall behind, you can switch to a later session, and any work you’ve completed will transfer with you.

Integrate With Test Management Software Like NI TestStand

Instead of building your own test executive from scratch, you can use test management software to sequence your code, generate reports, and log results to databases. NI TestStand , the most popular test management software ,has best-in-class integration with LabVIEW so you can easily debug LabVIEW code, create code templates to develop tests faster, and increase execution performance through low-level control of the LabVIEW run-time engine.

  • Reduce Test Development Time with Intuitive Graphical Programming :
  • The NI LabVIEW graphical programming language is intuitive in nature, allowing you to spend less time addressing text-based syntax and more time solving complex test system challenges. LabVIEW is easier to quickly understand because it is implemented through icons that closely resemble visual models, such as flowcharts, that test engineers already use for problem solving.

    What type of study materials provided?

    Our course materials are designed in alignment with making our training as completely practical oriented. It includes presentation slides, template / sample programs, course booklets, cheat-sheets & worksheets, programming manuals and tons of e-books. We ensure we give enough material to get you started doing practical usage rather than understanding lots of theory in form of textbooks.

    What does LabVIEW Training course hold for the future?

    • Integrate With Test Management Software Like NI TestStand
    • Automate Any Instrument Using Free Instrument Drivers
    • Interact With Source Code Control, Validation, and Requirements Management Tools
    • Secure Your Investment With Long-Term Support and Legacy Code Integration
    • Easily Create Professional User Interfaces
    • Stay Ahead With the Latest PC Technologies
    • Quickly Understand Your Data

    What is the refund policy?

    View our full refund policy. contact Mail :

    Why should I enroll in this program?

    Technologics is the only place to offer this kind of opportunity. We have collaborated with the best companies in the field to offer world-class curriculum, expert instructors, and exclusive hiring opportunities. While we do offer students a broad introduction to the field of artificial intelligence, you'll have the opportunity to delve into specializations as you refine your interests and follow your passions. Almost any student anywhere in the world with an internet connection can study the field of artificial intelligence with Technologics

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    LabVIEW Training Includes:

    • Working with LabVIEW Software
    • Basics of LabVIEW
      • Numericals
      • Booleans and comparators
    • Loops
      • For loops
      • while loops
      • Flat sequence
    • Structures
      • Case structure
      • Event structure
      • Formula node
      • Local and global variable
    • Data handling instruction
      • Strings
      • Arrays
      • Matrix
      • File IO
      • Clusters
      • Waveform and wavechart
    • Final Module test
    • LabVIEW with DAQ-USB-6009
      • Unit A: Theory of DAQ card
      • Unit B: Hardware Interface
        • Process 1: - Acquiring and generation of Digital signals
        • Process 2: - Acquiring analog values in DE and RSE method
        • Process 3: - Generating analog output
        • Process 4: - Integration of DAQ card with embedded devices
    • Embedded device with labVIEW
      • Matrix
      • Introduction about embedded system
      • Familier Micro-Controller family
      • Basic of embedded-c program
      • Digital devices
      • Analog devices
    • PLC interface with LabVIEW
      • Introduction of PLC
      • Introduction of ladder programming
      • OPC
      • OPC with PLC
      • PLC-OPC-LabVIEW
    • Programming application
      • Sub VI creation
      • Stand alone file and installer development
    • web server
      • Remote panel creation and testing
      • Webserver monitoring with LabVIEW
    • Hardware interfacing with LabVIEW
      • UART- Communcation
        • Simplex
        • Half Duplex
        • Full Duplex
      • Led with switch
      • Lm35 sensor
      • RFID
      • Bluetooth
      • Zigbee
    • LabVIEW SCPI commands Fundamentals
    • IoT Technology implementation using LabVIEW and Controllers
    • MATLAB interface with LabVIEW Applications
    • Industrial oriented LabVIEW Projects

    kowshik Trainee

    Field Engineer

    This is kowshik from Kuppam Engineering college studying final year mechanical engineering. Technologics had come to our college for campus drive and i got selected for internship for mechanical automobile design and it was the wonderful experience I had with Technologics. Thank you Technologics Team


    murugan munirathinam Trainee

    Embedded System Engineer

    Hi guys !! i want to share my feedback and experience when i was in Technologics institute with you. I joined this institution with a lot of expectation and hope of getting my first job and learning embedded system and labview technology . I proudly say that i have reached my expectations through this institution. In institutions i have learnt many new things, mentors were more supportive and interactive. I just want to thank all the persons who supported me in the institution. I learned a good knowledge and experience in this institution. I personally suggest you people if you want to learn and get your first job in Embedded and labview, prefer Technologics.


    himanshu Bansal Graduating Engineer

    Trainee Engineer

    I am basically from Gwalior, i choose Technologics for embedded system design & development hands-on training and i gained good knowledge from Technologics. i am studying in 2nd year engineering and i recommend all the engineering graduates for Technologics is best training institute for plc scada automation in bangalore.


    Sahad RismyTrainee

    Automation Trainee Engineer

    As an (Srilankan) i had a good time in Technologics for Industrial Automation certification program. As a fresher I gained more knowledge in the field of Industrial Automation. Friendly and responsible staff, management helped me get the best out of my certification program. Areas such as PLC, scada, Control Panel wiring, Designing, Hmi, VFD Testing and commissioning which are needed in the industry will be covered by experienced staff. I joined the institute after searching many institutes and found this in the end. Satisfied with the results.


    Yuvaraj S.Trainee

    Embedded Engineer

    Myself Yuvaraj S. i joined for studying Embedded Systems and got placed in a good core company. This is a great place to acquire knowledge.They teaching by well experienced faculties, with good atmosphere. They also provides a great placement opportunity. if u have the passion in Embedded Systems this is the right place


    Hrishikesh BharadwajTrainee

    PLC Program Engineer

    I joined the institute with great expectation and believe me i wasn't disappointed anytime, the staff and the technical staffs are amazing here, they are very helpful. I'd definitely recommend this institute who is looking for their career in Industrial Automation, PLC, SCADA, DCS, VFD, HMI and Trainers have good experience in the field and they do give different dynamics in understanding the concepts. Thank you Techologics and everyone who has helped me during the course. cheers!!


    TECHNOLOGICS is a dynamic community of scholars and learners on one of the most spectacular campuses in the INDIA. As one of Most reputed institutions in the prestigious Engineeers Association, we have a proud tradition of academic excellence

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