Project Description Mobile Control Robot – Cell phone operated Land rover. It is one of the simple robotics projects using microcontroller. In Cell phone Robot project, we need two mobile phones. The “mobile controlled robot” is controlled by a mobile phone that makes a call to the another mobile phone attached to the robot. In the course of a call, if any button is pressed, a tone corresponding to the button pressed is heard at the other end of the call. This tone is called “Dual Tone Multiple-Frequency” (DTMF) tone. The robot perceives this DTMF tone with the help of the phone stacked on the robot. The received tone is processed by the microcontroller with the help of a decoder IC. The microcontroller then transmits the signal to the motor driver ICs to operate the motors. Since this robot is controlled by dialling a call so we can also call it as DTMF controlled robot.
Technologies Used
8051/pic microcontroller,power supply,serial comm,dtmf,mobile,dc motor
BE and B.Tech Engineering Students, Diploma Students

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