Project Description The purpose of this project is to save the power used in places like libraries, staircases, parking, gardens etc. where lots of power is wasted unnecessarily by keeping the fans and lights ON even when there is no one present, and also at places where security is paramount and an alarm needs to be generated when someone is passing by. Thus, using the same machine, it can be used to save the power and also as a security alarm using a simple sensor called Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor. When a person enters the monitored area, the Infrared energy emitted from the living body is focused by a Fresnel lens segment and the PIR sensor activates, and gives to the microcontroller which acts as a security surveillance system or power saving device according to the position of switch.
Technologies Used
8051/PIC/ARM Microcontroller ,power supply,serial comm,16*2 lcd,PIR sensor
BE and B.Tech Engineering Students, Diploma Students

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