Project Description This project tested the applicability of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in tracking and monitoring children during their trip to and from school on school busses. This project aims to provide the total security for school children. Range and Obstacle detection and accident detected sensors are implanted on the front surface of the bus in order to avoid collision with another vehicle on the Road. Each student is tagged with unique code. Two counters used at the entrance and exit location of the bus. Wireless communication technology (IEEE 802. 4. 15) is used to inform the status of the bus to the school principal. The absentee record of the student will be send to the concerned parent before leaving the children entry point. The return information is also informed to the parent using GSM technology. The results are favorably good to meet the challenges of the security issues.
Technologies Used
8051/pic/avr Microcontroller power supply ,serial communication,DS1307,AT24c08,16*2 lcd,buzzer ,motor,rfid module
BE and B.Tech Engineering Students, Diploma Students

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